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The Dream Teller

The dream teller is Shahin Mohammad Lagneau.

Sign language and French.  Filmed in Anderlecht, Brussels 2019.

Walking with the Postman #2

A stroll in the neighbourhood of Anderlecht, collecting stories, songs and poetry all under the watchful eye of Bernard the Postman.  
This project was originally inspired by the street names of the neighbourhood and grew thanks to the creative input and participation of friends and neighbours who are also the actors.  It is what happened during the 'making of' and is an accompanying work to 'Walking with the Postman -Living portraits'. Anderlecht, Brussels 2018

The Red Shoes

Starring Caroline Donnelly

Image, sound design and direction @ Norma Prendergast

Anderlecht, Brussels  2017

Les Deux Rives

Curios to know if the people living on either side of the canal in Anderlecht know each other or indeed if they have ever met, Pascale Stevens (sound) and I (image) went out to discover what they think of each other. On one side, the inhabitants of the barges 'les pénichards' where Michel lives.  On the other side the men who play pétanque, 'les pétanqueurs', Jaja, and friends.

Directed by Norma Prendergast and Pascale Stevens

Image : Norma Prendergast

Sound : Pascale Stevens

Edit : Annick Vellut

Language : French

Anderlecht, Brussels 2014

Waiting for Lucy

My enquiry into happiness while preganant with my daughter Lucy.  Made in the framework of the exhibition 'Et le bonheur' au 2ème Biennale de la photographie en Condroz, Belgium, 2005.

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